New Client Form

To reduce your wait time, please complete the New Client Form below prior to your first appointment at Island Pet Veterinary Hospital. Providing this information before your appointment will allow us to enter your information into our database and begin to build your pet’s medical chart.
Please bring a small fresh (1 or 2 hours old) fecal sample from your pet (about half the size of an ice cube) in a Ziplock bag* so that we can avoid obtaining a sample and therefore provide a less stressful experience for your pet.
*(Turn the bag inside out and insert your hand to pick up the sample. Then simply turn the bag right side out over your hand and zip it up.)
For continuity of care, please obtain your pets medical record from your previous Veterinarian(s) and bring them to your appointment for review. It is very important we know any allergies to medication or medical conditions previously diagnosed to give your pet the best and most accurate diagnosis.
Records can also be faxed to (252) 631-0383 or emailed ( to our office for your convenience.

No Show Policy

Due to the high demand for our doctor’s services our appointment schedule is generally booked several days in advance. We do prioritize emergencies and try to accommodate less urgent sick patients quickly. Because of this demand, we ask that you please call to let us know if you cannot make or need to reschedule your appointment. By doing so you allow us to open a slot for an animal that needs our help. We do enforce a $25 fee for missed appointments. We appreciate your help and look forward to your visit.